P.O. Box 80005, Raleigh, NC, 27623.

+1 919-604-7369

Membership of ICOMAA, North America, as with ICOMAA, worldwide is open to former students of the University College/University of Ibadan:

  1. Who were registered for any undergraduate course in the Faculty of Medicine/College of Medicine and
  2. Who by virtue of that registration, actually matriculated and successfully completed their program in the University.

You must be resident in North America (United States, Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean) for membership in ICOMAA, NA

The association has long been supported by donations which early in our tenure included a $100 annual membership fee. At this time, the fee is optional but we will be grateful for the ongoing financial support.

Business Address
Home Address
Annual Dues
Standard Membership (Yearly) $0
Financial Membership (Yearly) $100
Lifetime Membership (One Time Payment)$1000