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Presidents Message

Presidents Message

Great UI-tes!!
Welcome to our newly refurbished website.  Its unveiling coincides with the launch of the ICOMAA NA 70th Anniversary “Atunji“ Sustainability Giving Campaign.  Please take time to explore the site, and catch up on news of the college, and register to receive a link through your email to enable access to the members-only features such as the alumni directory.

I want to thank all those alumni who have been engaged with the association since its inception and as we have gathered momentum; particularly our past presidents and executive committee members, who have given time, effort and resources tirelessly, and our generous alumni and donors.

I also wish to welcome those who are learning of us anew. ICOMAA NA is excited to have this platform in which to engage our alumni, share news of the college, of alumni achievements, and planned projects; and to raise funds for an institution which has given us so much and launched all our careers..

We are a branch of ICOMAA worldwide, which is our parent organization, and there is a link to the parent site as well as the college site.  ICOMAA NA in the tradition of all alumni associations has a goal of giving back in a sustainable way to our alma mater.

We are launching the “Atunji“ Sustainability Giving Campaign and calling on all alumni and friends of the college of medicine to join hands in our continuous giving campaign. Our goal is to reach 1,000 monthly givers by December 2019, to ensure steady income into the endowment fund, which will continue to grow with interest then going to support the college.

We are grateful to those alumni whose donations and resources have allowed us to put in place the infrastructure needed to move this effort forward.

Over the last twenty years through economic and political transitions, many friends of the institution and individuals working within the college and ICOMAA worldwide have put considerable financial, social, and political influence into play, and made continuous and consistent efforts to enable the college to overcome past challenges.

ICOMAA NA and many class groups have also contributed resources and funds including the first ever AHA ACLS training class, and significant infrastructure donations highlighted elsewhere. Our goal moving forward is to have a permanent mechanism for continuous and sustained giving, so we can join the efforts of other ICOM alumni around the world  to ensure that the College grows in strength and is able to continuously improve for decades and centuries to come.

There is always strength in numbers. As I noted a decade ago “We all give back to the communities and institutions that nurtured us. It is a part of our culture. We give our resources and time, to our parents , our families, the communities that nurtured us into adulthood; to religious institutions for charitable work, and to research foundations, and other charities of our choice.  Our Alma mater needs to be added to that list of beneficiaries who can count on us on a regular  basis”. 

An institution such as the Ibadan College of Medicine must be nurtured and  must never be allowed to falter.

As proud alumni, we should be able to hold our heads up high, knowing that the school, which provided us with the foundation that we have used to become successful all over the world, will always be considered a center of excellence and remains so, for as long as we alumni draw breath.

I invite all Ibadan College of medicine Alumni to rise to the challenge. Join and support the alumni association, and let us make sure Ibadan continues to be a trailblazer for the nation, and the continent.

We have to do it ourselves, no-one will do it for us. Let us show the true value of Alumni Associations, with the knowledge that  others will follow in our footsteps, in making the spirit of self-reliance take root.

Please join me in lifting up the College, with your monthly sustaining donations, Give generously to the “Atunji“ Sustainability Giving Campaign;

Last but not least,  SAVE THE DATE – join your fellow alumni  for the next Annual general meeting of ICOMAA North America on Friday June 28th 2019 in Washington DC at the Capital Hilton, 1001 16th Street NW.

Long Live the Ibadan College of Medicine

Long Live the University of Ibadan.

Titilola Britto MBBS ‘86

ICOMAA North America Inc.