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UICOM ‘89 30th Reunion Recap

Jan 09, 2020

The UICOM ‘89 Class held their 30th reunion in Ibadan from July 25th to 28th 2019. We had 47 classmates in attendance, excluding spouses and children. The program included reception, meet and greet on Day 1, held at Golden Tulip Hotel, Jericho, Ibadan. It was a beautiful evening with several of our classmates meeting for the first time in 30 years. There was music and great food. The evening was capped with each person introducing their families and giving a personal update on the past 30 years. It was wonderful. Everyone had fun.

 Day 2 started with exercise session at Golden Tulip Hotel in the early morning. This was followed by plenary session of all class members where discussions were centered on giving back to the College and UCH. Financial update was presented by Drs. Fareeda Babalakin and Joko Adeleye. We were able to raise a total of over N33 Million.  An earlier report indicated that G-Block at ABH was in a terrible state of disrepair. A motion was passed to repair/refurbish entire ABH G-Block for the College, and to equip side laboratories of select wards at UCH. In the afternoon, the class paid a visit to the CMD, Prof. Biodun Otegbayo at UCH. Of note, Dr. Otegbayo is also a member of the ‘89 class. All members were warmly received in the prestigious UCH Board Room. Majority of the class had access to the room for the very first time. We congratulated the CMD and reaffirmed our resolve to give back to UCH and to the College. The class then visited College Provost, Prof. E.O. Olopade-Olaopa who was represented by College staff as he was out of the country at the time. We were warmly received at the vintage Paul Hendrickse Lecture Theatre. We had a tour of UCH, followed by a tour of Alexander Brown Hall. The day concluded with lunch at Emeritus Professor Theophilus Ogunlesi Multipurpose Hall, directly opposite UCH. Lunch time was utilized to further rehash our giving back plans. The decision was affirmed to repair entire ABH G-Block for the College, and to equip side labs of select wards at UCH.

 Day 3 was fun, fun, fun! We had a picnic at Agodi Gardens with music, food and dancing. It was student life relived again! Agodi Gardens provided a beautiful scenery of awesome terrain, and colorful flowers in the backdrop of palm trees and lush green leaves. The children participated in lots of field games including horseback riding. The 4-5 hours we spent felt like 5 minutes!  Afterwards we had a tour of Ibadan City. It was memorable. The same evening, Gala Night was held back at Golden Tulip Hotel. Everyone attended in their beautiful attires. The Guests of Honor included Professor Desalu and Dr. Solomon Kadiri. It was an awesome evening with opening speech by UCH CMD, Professor Otegbayo. The evening ended with dance, lots of picture taking and general camaraderie.

 Day 4 was departure.

 The UICOM89 30th Reunion was successful in all facets. Entire event was made possible by the extraordinary work of the 30th Reunion Organizing Committee that includes Drs Joko Adeleye (Co-Chair), Biodun Otegbayo (Co-Chair), Moji Atalabi, Fareeda Babalakin, Dapo Olayemi, Olanrewaju Johnson, Funke Abolade, Kehinde Oluwadiya, Kehinde Kupolati, Niyi Adesida, Stella Alli, Taofik Yekeen, and Bayo Owoeye.

 We give glory to God, there was no adverse event. Everyone that traveled arrived safely at their destinations.

Presented by:

Olatunji Akintilo, MB.BS ‘89

UICOM89 Class Representative