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The Dynamic Class of 2002 a.k.a. "POUCH98"

Mar 11, 2019

This dynamic class refer to themselves as “POUCH98” (People of UCH, 98) referencing the year they “crossed over” from pre-clinical studies at the University of Ibadan Campus to begin their clinical studies at the University College Hospital (U.C.H.). So when you see “POUCH98” in their pictures, you know what it means.

In 2013/2014 the class started to gather information on the locations of their mates across the world through Whats App and then migrated the group to "Telegram". 

They created an NGO registered in Nigeria for the class umbrella so they could raise funds through dues and give back to the College and to U.C.H. They have established a board of trustees of about 9 people, 3 per region- North America, UK and Nigeria. The executive committee carries out the day to day running of the NGO, with an executive secretary based in Nigeria. Dues are collected in each region, and the majority have been sent to the NGO for funding of projects at the college of Medicine. These include:

1. Successful refurbishing of the basketball court in U.C.H.

2. Providing reading rooms and game room at Alexander Brown Hall.

These were proof of concept projects to show what could be achieved. Other activities have included

1. Presentation by Dr. Afolabi Brown (Cardiologist) in Philadelphia/Delaware area

2. Collaboration with the Provost Prof. Olaopa to select a project as part of the Atunji celebration marking the 70th Anniversary of the College. POUCH98 then made a substantial donation to the fund for the generator house.

Projects planned for the next 2 years include 

1.  Scholarship Scheme: The class has concluded plans to award 3 scholarships to 2 MBBS and 1 BDS 400L Clinical Students by March of 2019. They will each get 100K per annum, totaling 300K for 2019. There is a strategy for sustainability in place.

2: Mentorship program, where medical students will be paired with mentors.

The class also celebrated in Dallas in 2016 with a reunion, followed by their 15th year reunion in Chicago Illinois with a welcome Roof-top hang-out, a boat cruise, dinner and a breakfast meeting. They stay close and celebrate many birthdays weddings and other shared experiences.

On behalf of all the Ibadan College of Medicine Alumni, we applaud the efforts of the class of 2002, for their commitment to each other and to the College, and we thank them on behalf of the students and the college for their generous donations to their Alma mater

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