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UI at 70: The major problem of Nigeria’s universities is funding-UI Vice Chancellor

Nov 16, 2018

Behind every successful man, there is a woman; so says the maxim.

On the evening of Sunday 4 November 2018, when our newsman, Gbenro Adesina went to interview the Vice Chancellor, University of Ibadan, UI, Professor Abel Idowu Olayinka, on the 70th anniversary of the institution, that maxim played out as his wife, Dr. Eyiwumi Bolutito Olayinka, a lecturer in the Department of European Studies, hovered around to ensure that her husband looked presentable. Whereas most people know Olayinka, a geologist, as a workaholic, and always wearing a ‘strong’ face, that evening, the VC showed a different side as he was all smiles and was in a relaxed mood.

Spotting a simple purple lace attire, he led our man to a well mown garden within the VC lodge, where the interview took place under a beautiful atmosphere, but heavy distractions from birds and the noise of thousands of bats freely flying around. As the interview was about to commence, the amiable ebony complexioned VC’s wife brought a purple cap from within the house to complete the helmsman’s dressing. She further helped him to adjust the cap to the left to ensure that her husband’s appearance was gorgeous. The VC, a humility personified, was just blushing throughout. When Gbenro jokingly warned the institution’s first lady against making her Ijesa born husband overly handsome so as to avoid husband snatchers, she replied in Yoruba Language, “Ko seni to le gba oko mi lowo mi”, meaning, no lady in the whole wide world can snatch away my husband from me. After these preliminaries, the VC had a one hour, twenty-nine minutes interaction with our magazine on the state of the Premier University.

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