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Relief for Limbless Baby Ayodele

by Tunde Sanni - ThisDay

May 28, 2009


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Lagos — Governor Adebayo Alao-Akala of Oyo State showed an uncommon concern and sympathy as he directed that an abandoned limbless baby be adopted by the Child Care Unit of the Ministry of Women Affairs until a time he will be flown abroad for surgery.

By the time he grows up, he may never know the agony he went through at birth because there would be no father or mother to narrate the story of his early life to him. This is the story of a Baby Ayodele who was found abandoned at birth by his yet to be identified mother. He was named Ayodele by Governor Adebayo Alao-Akala of Oyo State who perhaps moved to pity by the seeming hopeless life the infant had to contend with directed his Special Adviser on Physically-Challenged people, Adekanmbi Ayodele to take up the care of the child on behalf of the government.

The pitiable sight of the infant who was found dumped at a bush at Babanla Ogbere area of Ibadan, capital of Oyo State on Monday April 20, 2009, had elicited sympathy from passers-by who immediately alerted policemen attached to the Agugu station. The police in turn alerted officials of the state Ministry of Women Affairs and an Ibadan based national daily to take further action on the baby\'s welfare.

He was dumped at the bush by an unknown mother, who faced with the apparent burden of rearing a limbless child resolved to let go the bundle of joy. Women who have passed by concluded that the baby boy was a day old when he was abandoned in the bush. He was born without legs and arms, or rather, has one hand that has one finger - the thumb.

Officials of the Oyo State Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Welfare were invited to the police station where the baby was handed over to them. The actions of the hospital officials where the baby was referred to when he was ill vindicated the action of the mother who dumped him. The abandoned baby reportedly got ill on the same day and was ordered to be taken to the hospital. Interestingly, the baby was rejected at the two state hospitals at Yemetu and Ring Road on the excuse that there was no bed space for him!

Specialists have been disturbed on the kind of future the baby would live considering his limbless state and called on the government at all levels to show concern on his plight to enable him live a normal life. Medical experts whose views were sought were blunt on the future of the child and canvassed almost the same reason for the baby\'s limbless state at birth.

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